How to install the tempered glass screen protector?

(Attention: please wash your hands before installation and ensure the environment is clean)

Step 1: Use the included wet wipe to remove any oily dirt and dust on your phone screen.
Step 2:Promptly follow-up with the provided dry wipe to remove any remaining residue.

Step 3:Use the blue dust sticker to stick the tiny dust dots on the screen.
Step 4:Aligning with the right side power button, carefully attach the screen protector guidance frame on the phone. Should any dust, Then use the small orange electrostatic sticker to remove any dust.
Step 5: To install the screen protector, remove the rear protective layer by slowly pulling away the top rectangular tab. Once completed, gently set the screen protector starting from the top of the device and slowly work your way down to the lower edge of the display.

Step 6: Using your finger gently apply pressure on the screen protector to ensure proper adhesion to your device.

Step 7: You've now successfully applied your TORRAS screen protector. Finish off the installation by removing the alignment frame.

Note: If any air bubbles remain, use the provided dry wipe from Step 2 to push them slowly outwards to the edge of the screen protector.

Updated: 11 months ago